SRCS Announcements

Omar Gates, Kenneth Gullickson, and Dreux Kidder
Dual Credit Seniors 2024

The Standing Rock Community High School would like to recognize 2024 Seniors: Omar Gates, Kenneth Gullickson, Dreux Kidder for their academic accomplishments.

Tue May 07 03:19 PM

Standing Rock Elementary School Talent Show Flyer
Talent Show

K-5 Talent show May 9, 2024 from 1:00-2:30pm @ ES Gym

Fri May 03 12:01 PM

1st grade Night Lights students
Night Lights Student read Little Red Hen and make pizzas

Mrs. Luger's and Ms. Burrer's Night Lights student read The Little Red Hen and made pizzas😊❤. Way to go 1st graders🎉🎉🎉Yummy!!

Fri May 12 09:34 AM

2nd grade Night Lights students with their teachers holding golden tickets
Night Lights Students find golden tickets

Miss Merline's and Mrs. Optiz's Night Lights students found golden tickets after reading the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Fun! Great job 2nd graders❤

Fri May 12 09:33 AM